Mud on the Go

Mobile Ceramics Painting Experience

Holiday Season 2023 - Due to high volume, these options may not be available with an instructor. We are happy to offer the same pricing options but for YOU to host the activity. We'll provide detailed instructions along with all materials. Contact us if you'd like to discuss this option.

We are happy to come to your location for large groups such as day care, summer camps, schools, parties and any other large event.

Available for groups of 20 or more, one or more of our staff will provide all necessary supplies to your location. All we need is access to water for clean up, and somewhere for everyone to sit all together. 


A $100.00 flat rate instructor fee applies to groups of 20-30 participants per 2 hour painting session.

For groups of 30 or more, an additional instructor is required. An additional instructor is $50. If you’d like, you can also offer support for set up and clean up from your own staff  and avoid additional fees. Please contact to discuss this option.

We stay as long as we are needed, though timing for sessions vary depending on group size and age. (2 hours on average)

In the event that there are multiple groups over a day, instructor fees will be charged per 2 hour session.

If you book for 2 instructors, and numbers reduce so that you do not require both instructors, it is your responsibility to contact us to cancel the second instructor. We require 3 business days to cancel additional staff, so if you do not instruct us, you will be charged for both instructors. 

We are able to serve both French and English speaking painters, as we have fully bilingual staff. Please specify language preference at time of booking.

For locations outside the downtown area of Ottawa, a $10-$20 fuel charge may apply, depending on distance. (Orleans, Barrhaven, Kanata, Gatineau)

Please note that the base price listed below plus the instructor fee is to be paid in advance to confirm the booking. 

Items will be held until payment is received.

We will send you a link by email to pay the invoice by credit card for your convenience, but we do also accept cheques. 


Mud-On-The-Go ceramics are reduced from our in-store prices and so are not negotiable.

Prices do not include tax and instructor fee.

We charge a flat rate for each group of 20 participants (or less) depending on the item chosen to paint, and then each additional item per additional painter.

We offer the following options for items to paint:
4 ¼ Round, Square Tile  -  Base Price: $220.00 then $11.00 per each additional item
6” Round or Square Tile - Base Price : $260.00 then $13.00 per each additional item
10oz Basic Mugs or Essential Bowl-  Base Price: $400.00 then $20.00 per each additional item
Tots (Small assorted figurines) -  Base Price: $380.00 then $19.00 per each additional item
Party Animals (Larger assorted figurines) - Base Price: $440.00 then $22.00 per each additional item
16oz Large Basic Mugs or Cereal Bowls - Base Price: $480.00 then $24 per each additional item

    All items are subject to availability and we require 3-4 weeks advance notice to ensure we can stock the desired items.
    We are happy to order in special items for your needs.

    Firing & Glazing Process

    Once the activity is over, we need to bring the items back to our store to be glazed and fired.

    Our turn around time is 7 days, however in the event that the items are needed sooner, we are able to rush the pieces in as little as 3 days.

    This is not always possible and so please specify any rush times during booking. If you are running a summer camp and would like the pieces back to the participants before the end of the week, please book your event on Monday or Tuesday. We are able to have items back to you by the Friday.

    Delivery or Pick Up

    After firing, the items are ready to be picked up at our studio

    Delivery is unfortunately unavailable at this time.
    Uber Package is an option you may wish to explore.