Group Bookings

Big group of friends? Team building events? Bachelorette?

We have two large tables in our studio that seat up to 24 painters total (12 per table)

If you would like to book a table, we require a deposit to be made in advance to secure your spot. This is taken off the total upon payment of your total invoice on the day of the event. 

Deposits are based on increments of $50 per 5 seats reserved. If you're a group of 15, we ask for a $150 deposit.

If you do not notify us reasonably of a cancellation (24 hours), we reserve the right to keep your deposit. We also reserve the right to keep a portion of your deposit if we reserve two tables for your group of 18, and you only show up with 8 painters. You just need to notify us in advance of any changes to your numbers within a reasonable time frame. If you have one or two folks out sick, we are very reasonable and will happily refund your full amount. Please be considerate! :)

Please understand that when you book a reservation for a large amount of people, we often are turning away multiple other reservations. In addition, we bring on additional staff members to make sure you are served well. 

(Minimum spend of $400 plus HST, not including potential gratuity at your discretion, in order to secure both of our large tables.)

Invoices must be paid in full by one individual, or invoices can be done for each individual.

We do not accept partial payments. 

Reservations are booked for 2 hour seatings, so please ensure that your group arrives promptly or early for the booking. Any latecomers will still be required to respect the 2 hour limit during weekends or evenings.

We are a small space. Please be very sure of your numbers in advance. We write these policies to protect us.

Booking the Studio Privately 

You can book our studio for a fully private event, and we will close to the public for a 3 hour time block just for you (subject to availability, weekdays only). Time blocks are either the first three hours of opening, or the last three hours of opening. 

Cost to close the studio for a private event is $900 (+HST).  This amount is to be paid in advance to secure the booking.

This includes:

  • Up to 2 staff members (depending on your number of participants) who will give you detailed painting instructions as well as handle all clean up after the event
  • Choice of ceramic item per participant up to $40 in value for up to 20 painters. 
    Any additional painter’s ceramic choices are in addition to the base price of $900. Add ons are paid for on the day of the event. 
  • Our studio capacity is 35 total.
  • Use of our sound system (pick your favourite playlist on our Spotify account)
  • Bring your own food and refreshments. Should you wish to serve alcoholic beverages, you will need to acquire a “Special Event Permit” for $50 from the LCBO. See this link for more information: Special Event Permit


Private Events After Hours Sunday & Monday

We close at 6pm on Sunday and Monday. If you would like to book the studio for a reservation after our listed hours, we are happy to accommodate you (subject to availability).

  • For a regular 2 hour seating starting at 6pm, we charge an additional $150 Studio Fee to be paid in advance to reserve your space.
  • For a 3 hour private event including time to serve food, $200. 
  • There is a minimum of 8 painters, with a minimum spend of $25 per painter ($200 minimum spend plus studio fee & HST)
  • Please note that any additional time past the 2 or 3 hour booking will be charged at a rate of $25/half hour. 
  • Staff are not responsible for clean up of food service, only of ceramic painting supplies.