Upcoming Reservations Update

Sunday June 4 - Spots available

*Please wait for confirmation by phone or email - availability is subject to change*
Last updated: Sunday June 4 at 12:13pm

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For reservation requests, please include your preferred date and time as well as total number of people.

  • If you have any special requests for seating i.e Chair with back, if you have a wheelchair, or if you are bringing a small child/baby don't hesitate to mention it in the form below so we can seat you at the best table  :)

Please note that we are currently experiencing high volume, Reservations are strongly encouraged for evenings, weekends and holidays.

Reservations are for 2 hour time slots, and the last booking is 2 hours before close.

NO SCENTS IS GOOD SENSE - We have allergies. Please do not wear scent products to your visit with us. Thank you in advance.

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