Bathroom Out of Order

A neighbouring business has a broken pipe. As a result, our on-site bathroom is out of service.

Our neighbours Black Squirrel Books and Quinn's Pub have graciously offered their facilities to our clients.

The Sunnyside Library also has an accessible bathroom.

Upcoming Reservations Update

* Panda Game Today! Plan for parking/travel <3 *

Sunday October 1st - Only a few spots left in the evening. Call for reservations!

*Please wait for confirmation by phone or email - availability is subject to change*

Last updated: Sunday October 1st at 12:30pm

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  • If you have any special requests for seating i.e Chair with back, if you have a wheelchair, or if you are bringing a small child/baby don't hesitate to mention it in the form below so we can seat you at the best table 

Reservations are strongly encouraged for evenings, weekends and holidays.
Walk-in visits welcome when available. 

Reservations are for 2 hour time slots, and the last booking is 2 hours before close.

NO SCENTS IS GOOD SENSE - We have allergies. Please do not wear scent products to your visit with us. Thank you in advance.

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