Birthday Parties 2023

Please read this over carefully before contacting us, or you will be kindly directed back to this page. 


Kids will enjoy choosing from our wide range of fun and functional ceramic items. Check out our current inventory here to have an idea of what is available in store. Most parents choose a price range for the kids to choose from, and our helpful staff are there to guide them in the right direction.

Kids items range in price from $21-$35. Items do not need to be purchased in advance unless you are looking for a specific item, which can be preordered.

Seatings are 2 hours in length in our studio in the evening and on weekends. Up to two non-painters may accompany the group due to capacity limitations. Kids usually spend around 1-2 hours painting, depending on their age and attention span. The younger the painter, typically the faster the painter. 

We do not have a separate party room. All parties are held in the main part of our studio. Please note that during the weekends or any holidays (PD Days as well) you can expect it to be a very boisterous environment. Our large painting table seats around 12 kids max (shoulder to shoulder).

Booking Your Spot/ Deposits

If you would like to book a table, we require a deposit to be made in advance to secure your spot. This is taken off the total upon payment of your total invoice on the day of the event. 

Deposits are based on increments of $50 per 5 seats reserved. If you're a group of 15, we ask for a $150 deposit.

If you do not notify us reasonably of a cancellation (24 hours), we reserve the right to keep your deposit. We also reserve the right to keep a portion of your deposit if we reserve two tables for your group of 18, and you only show up with 8 painters. You just need to notify us in advance of any changes to your numbers within a reasonable time frame. If you have one or two folks out sick, we are very reasonable and will happily refund your full amount. Please be considerate! :)

Please understand that when you book a reservation for a large amount of people, we often are turning away multiple other reservations. In addition, we bring on additional staff members to make sure you are served well. 

Painting and Eating Party - Serving of Food

We do not allow for food service. 
Your seating time is for 2 hours, often on a weekend we will have other groups booked right after your 2 hour slot. We understand small kids may need a little snack during that time frame - something small and non greasy/oily is permitted. If you're unsure, send us an Email and check in :)  Please note that serving snacks is not recommended during the painting activity, as greasy fingers will actually repel the glaze on the items. Painting and food should be separated. 

We are located in lively Old Ottawa South, and there are several neighbouring restaurants where you can continue the party after you’ve completed your painting activity with us. We are just south of Landsdowne Park.


The Fine Print:

Cancellations: Deposits will not be refunded, but can be used for in store credit or for rescheduling if we are given 24 hours notice of cancellation by email.

Your party's pieces will be ready in 7-10 days. Finished pieces will be wrapped separately but placed in one bag or box for easy pick up by the organizer. You’ll be notified by email when your items are ready for pick up. 

Party host must pick up the group box to distribute items to participants. Parents of guests cannot pick up pieces individually from the studio.

Items must be picked up within 60 days, or we reserve the right to dispose of them. 

No decorations, streamers, balloons or piñatas are allowed in our studio. We're a small space, and rest assured we are a very fun and colourful place. Due to the fragile nature of painting ceramics, it's just not a good combination.

All paints that we use in our studio are non-toxic, lead free and food safe. No apron is required while pottery painting as all paint is water-based. Any mess will wash off hands or clothes with water.

Recommended for Age 4 and up.  Younger painters often paint very quickly, so if you are with a younger group, please bring additional activities for them such as pencil crayons and paper to occupy them as the more focused children complete their items, as we do not provide these materials. 

Children must be supervised at all times and not be allowed to roam throughout the studio. You will be responsible for any breakage that may occur.


Please contact us with any questions or to reserve your spot by using our contact page here.