Ideas for Father's Day

Ideas for Father's Day

We all know that Dad is hard to buy for. There's only so many socks a man can really need! Make this year special by creating a one of a kind ceramic item. There are lots of different shapes available in our store, choosing the right one for your Dad is the hardest part. 

Some Dads love coffee. That's an easy one. We have Dad themed mugs, along with lots of cool different shapes. Does he prefer to drink beer? We have steins for that!



Does your Dad like to grill? Is he always asking for a plate to put his finished masterpiece on the patio table? How about this for inspiration:

Dad Grill Plate

What about a simple tile or plaque for the wall, to honour the man who works so hard to make everyone groan in laughter at his next "Dad" joke.

Whatever you do, if you make something by hand, you're giving someone your time as well as a "thing" to represent that time. Hand painted ceramics make awesome gifts, though I might be a *little* biased. 


Get your amazing painted creations back to the studio before June 15th, and we'll have it ready for pick up by the end of the week (June 19th).

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