What to Expect In Store

We have created private painting pods and are following strict cleaning protocols to keep our employees and our clients safe. 

You'll want to email us or call us to book a spot. Our capacity is limited in order to adhere to social distancing requirements, so in order to avoid disappointment, it's best to book in advance.

Visits are limited to 2 hours, during peak times such as weekends and holiday. It's a perfect amount of time to complete a piece, but if you don't finish, you can return to finish painting at a later date, at no extra cost.

When you arrive for your visit, you'll be assigned one of our private painting pods for yourself and your guests. Then, you can choose your ceramic item to paint.

Prices per item are all inclusive, with no studio fees.
(If you'd like to save time and get started right away when you arrive, we invite you to view our inventory in advance here If you'd like. You can even purchase it in advance. Just mention on Checkout your reservation date and time, however most people will choose when they arrive in store.)

Then you'll receive a short 5 minute explanation from one of our knowledgeable staff members on how the painting process works. We're here to help you achieve your vision! We have lots of fun and cool techniques for every age and skill level. 

Choose some paints, sit down in your Painting Pod and enjoy a few hours of creativity!

Once your masterpiece is completed, leave it with us. We will glaze and fire your piece in one of our kilns, and we'll send you an email confirmation when it's ready to go home, between 7-10 days after your visit. 

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