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What to Expect During Your Visit

During our peak times such as weekends and holidays, we ask that you limit your visit to 2 hours.

1. Choose an item from our vast inventory. Prices are all inclusive, no studio fees.

2. Receive step by step instruction from one of our painting instructors.. We're here to help you achieve your vision! We are happy to show you easy and fun techniques for every age and skill level. 

3. Choose some paints, sit down and enjoy a few hours of creativity.

4. Once your masterpiece is completed, leave it with us. We will glaze and fire your piece in one of our kilns, and we'll send you an email confirmation when it's ready to go home, around 7-10 days after your visit. Your item will be microwave, dishwasher and food safe after firing.

If you don't finish your piece in one visit, we're happy to send you home with paints to complete it, or book another time to finish it at no additional cost.

Kits For at Home Painting

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The Mud Oven

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