Covid-19 has forced us into a new normal. Here's our solution for now!


Now Available for Delivery or Curbside Pick Up
(free of charge)

Pick my pieces

How it Works

1. Select the pieces you want to purchase and add them to your cart.

2. Pick up to 5 different paint colours per household. If you order many pieces, feel free to add more paints. Please note during checkout if you only need a small amount of some colours, or a large amount of one (for your base coat). I have limited supplies so this is helpful!)
(Please just be reasonable with your requests)

3. If you'd prefer delivery, please leave a note in your checkout with any pertinent information

4. Wait for a confirmation email 
Curbside pick up available 12pm-4pm Wednesday & Friday, Delivery available Tuesday & Thursday 12pm-4pm

5. Items will be ready for curbside pick up after 10 days

The Studio is now closed. Only online orders and delivery or curbside pick up available

Delivery Days

Tuesday & Thursday


Curbside Pickup Days

Wednesday & Friday


Hello from the Original Mud Girl

More Information

The 1oz paint pots that you will receive are yours to keep.
Should you want to return them with your kit, rest assured that they will be disinfected.

We will not be lending out our Paint Pens or palettes unfortunately.
Please use a plate to mix your colours at home, should you require it. 

I am able lend out brushes, however I would strongly recommend that you either purchase a set from a Dollar Store or use ones you have at home. 


The Mud Oven

1065 Bank st.
Ottawa, Canada

Monday, 12pm - 4pm
Wednesday, 12pm - 4pm
Friday, 12pm - 4pm

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