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The Mud Oven

Frequently Asked Questions

: all you need to know

Why does it take 5 days for my piece to be ready?

After you finish your piece, there is quite a process that then needs to happen before it is finished its journey:
We let the piece dry, we glaze the item, and let it dry again. Now, it’s time to load the kiln. Once we’ve loaded the kiln carefully, we turn it on and let it do its thing.
The firing process takes 24 hours. It takes 8 hours to heat up to its peak temperature of 1830ºF. Once it hits this temperature, the kiln shuts off, and it takes the other 16 hours to cool back down to room temperature. At this point we unload the kiln, and dremel off the sharp bits on the bottom of the pieces from the stilts that they sit on when they are in the kiln.

Is the paint safe?

Yes, the paint is totally non-toxic and contains absolutely no lead. (glazes in history have often contained lead, but they do not anymore.)

It is safe for pregnant women, small babies (hand and footprints)